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Whiskers Earns Georgetown's Best Award!

Updated: Feb 5

Whiskers Cat Boarding Earns Pet Boarding Award!

The anticipation is over, and the results are in!

It’s time to celebrate the winners of the 2023 Georgetown’s Best Awards.

Your participation has turned this contest into a vibrant reflection of our community’s spirit, with each vote shining a light on the exceptional individuals and businesses among us.

A big thank you to everyone who engaged in the voting process. Your involvement is the true force behind this event, uniting us all in celebrating Georgetown’s unique vibrancy.

Special recognition goes to each contestant who, through their service and commitment, has made a significant impact in Georgetown. Your dedication is recognized and valued by the entire community.

Congratulations to our winners! Your outstanding contributions have set you apart, adding to the vibrant fabric of our community. Your success is not just a personal milestone but a collective victory that elevates us all. Let’s embrace this moment of celebration!

We encourage everyone to join in the celebration. Share the list of winners, discuss their achievements with friends, and use it as your personal guide to discover the finest offerings in Georgetown – from the premier fitness centers and charming eateries to the most reputable service providers.

Thank you once again to everyone who voted and participated. As you explore Georgetown’s offerings, let this list of winners be your guide to experiencing the best our town has to offer throughout the year.

Here’s to the people, the places, and the community spirit that makes Georgetown truly exceptional!

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Congratulations to Whiskers, a 5 star Cat Hotel. If you truly want the best boarding experience for your beloved cats this is the only place to consider.

Carolyn Allen

Replying to

Carolyn, thank you for sharing this wonderful comment!

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