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Boarding for Cats with Special Needs

When you have a cat with special needs, you may find it challenging to find the proper care for your pet.

This may make going on vacation or spending long periods away from your cat seemingly impossible, but Whiskers is able to make special accommodations by offering our TLC Package to ensure they get the right amount of care and personal attention.

Does Your Cat Have Special Needs?

Whiskers is able to accommodate cats with special needs with our TLC Package, and their stay can be just as comfortable and enjoyable as any other cat.

The Fee for this additional care is $10 per day.

  • Geriatric Kitty (15 years and up)

  • Kitten Under 4 months of age

  • Mobility Issues

  • Litter Box Issues

  • Incontinence

  • Specially Prepared Diets

  • Extra Feedings (More than three times daily)

  • Health Challenges, Such As:

    • Asthma​

    • Seizures

    • Cancer

    • Deaf/Blind

    • After Surgery Care

While In Our Care, Your Pet May Receive:

  • Specially Prepared Meals

  • Extra Meals

  • Enticing Meals and/or a Variety of Options

  • Carpeted Stairs for Easier Climbing

  • Non-slip Rugs

  • Cushioned Bedding for Arthritis and Warmth

  • Daily Brushing

  • Pee Pads

  • Additional Laundering of Soiled Bedding

  • Additional Cleaning of Soiled Flooring, Shelves, Cat Trees, etc...

  • Extra Lap Time

  • Weekly Photo Updates

  • Careful Monitoring of Eating Habits

  • Careful Monitoring of Urination and Defecation

  • Attention to Overall Well-being and Health

  • An Emergency Plan: 

    • Knowing when the cat should be taken to the vet.

    • Knowing what the owner’s desires are in the event of a medical emergency, and they cannot be reached.

    • Knowing the owner's desires for the remains in case their elderly cat does pass while in our care.

How You Can Set Us Up For Success:

  • Provide us with enough of your pet’s usual diet

  • Bring along any treats or extras that your pet enjoys

  • Bring your pet’s medication, asthma inhaler, supplements, etc. 

  • Bring along items that smell like home such as beds or blankets your pet enjoys

  • Provide familiar toys and lovies for your pet to enjoy

  • Fill us in on your pet’s normal routine, likes and dislikes, and habits

  • Alert us to all health issues or concerns

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