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To ensure Whiskers Luxury Cat Boarding exceeds best practices, booking with us means you will be agreeing to the following terms and conditions:


  1. We reserve the right to deny admittance to any cat with recent or serious health issues or significant special needs. Please give details of your cat's needs in advance.

  2. All guests must be up to date with rabies and FVRCP vaccinations.

  3. No cats will be accepted if they show visible signs of illness e.g. weepy eyes, sneezing.

  4. Peak Season Rates - An additional $5 per suite, per day during Peak Season.
    June 1 - September 8

    November 20 – 28
    December 20 - January 2

  5. Whiskers operates on a per day booking system.  For example, if your cat checks in during opening hours on Monday and you collect during opening hours on Tuesday, that counts as two days.

  6. No after-hours check-in/out. Cats picked up after 2:00 will be charged an additional day. 
    No check-in/out on 
    Public Holidays.

  7. A minimum boarding stay of 2 days applies. This covers the cost of deep cleaning the entire room: mopping floors; sanitizing and wiping down walls, windows, doors, cat trees, shelves; laundering blankets, rugs, bedding and toys.

  8. Room Changing Fee – Should an extended visit require a room change, or should you require your to cat move from one room to another during their stay, the deep cleaning fee is $35 per room change.

  9. All clients must have a valid credit card on file to hold a reservation.  Payment in full due at check in.

  10. A cat with fleas will be treated and bedding sanitized with cleaner and hot water - the fee for this is $25.

  11. Siblings staying in the same room will be charged at $20 per sibling per day on top of the first guest room charge.

  12. Reservations are paid in full on check in day.

  13. A minimum booking period may apply during peak periods, such as Christmas and Thanksgiving holidays.

  14. If it is necessary for a guest to have veterinary attention, owners are liable for all expenses.

  15. In the event of a medical emergency, Whiskers will seek medical attention from a licensed veterinarian. 

  16. In the event of serious illness and the owner cannot be contacted, the veterinary surgeon’s decision will be final.

  17. Boarding fees are subject to change without notice.

  18. No responsibility will be accepted for loss of personal property e.g., collars, bedding, toys, etc.

  19. Unaltered cats over the age of six months cannot stay at Whiskers Luxury Cat Boarding. 

  20. All cats will arrive in a secure carrier or in a harness with leash.

  21. Whiskers may take photos and videos of boarding cats and use them in print form, online, or for promotion.

  22. Medication Fees Are as Follows:

Medication given with food - no charge;
Medication given orally or topically - $3 per administration.
We do not give Injections or Subcutaneous Fluids.

To cover administration fees and to ensure other clients are not disadvantaged, the following applies:

Deposits: A $60 deposit is required to hold a reservation.
Refund Policy: Deposits are not refundable and are non-transferable.  Booking Fees are not refundable, but may be added as a credit to client's account should the client unexpectedly shorten their trip while kitty is already boarding.

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