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We Offer

Long Term Boarding

Truly unlike any other!

Exceptionally large rooms, big sunny windows, and so many extras.

Long Term Boarding Discounts:

  • A 10% discount on the room;

  • Twice daily: brushing, exercise, massage;

  • Weekly photo updates;

  • 20% Discount on our food purchases.

  • Freeze dried treats - yummy and healthy.

So What Is Long Term Boarding?

At Whiskers, we define long term boarding care as a stay that is four weeks or longer.  


* We give a 10% room discount to long term boarders.

* We offer twice daily amenities - at no additional charge.

* We send weekly photo updates - at no additional charge.

*We offer a 20% discount on all food purchases for long term kitties.

* We give healthy and yummy Freeze Dried Treats - at no additional charge.

* Your long term boarding kitty will be given lots of love and attention all day long.

At Whiskers your kitty receives so much more.

We understand a cat's need for exercise, interaction, entertainment and love, particularly when boarding long term.

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