We Offer

Long Term Boarding

Truly unlike any other!

Exceptionally large rooms, big sunny windows, and all of the amenities listed below.

We offer pick up from the Austin-Bergstrom International Airport for long-term cats flying in.  

Long term boarders receive a 10% discount on their stay.

So What Is Long Term Boarding?

At Whiskers, we define long term boarding care as a stay that is a month or longer.  


We give a 10% discount to long term boarders.

But at Whiskers it goes beyond boarding.

Anyone can put cats in a cage, hang out a sign, go about their business as usual and call it cat boarding.

Fortunately, that's not us.


We offer a CAGE-FREE cat boarding facility.

Our feline guests have their very own private walk in rooms.

We understand a cat's need for exercise, particularly when boarding long term.