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Whiskers Donates to Blue Moon Sanctuary

Join Blue Moon in celebration of the sanctuary’s success and commitment to the mission!

WHEN: Thursday, May 9th, 2024

TIME: 4:00-8:00 pm

WHERE: Dale’s Essenhaus located at 3900 FM 972, Georgetown, TX 77626.  

Blue Moon is a sanctuary that is home to donkeys, miniature donkeys, horses, miniature horses, pigs, cats, and dogs. The majority of their animals were rescued from slaughter houses/kill pens.

Blue Moon has a fondness for special-needs animals, and currently in their care are two blind cats, one three-legged cat, a blind mini horse, a blind dog, a dog requiring a double hip replacement and a few permanently lame donkeys.

Since 2016, they have saved over 200 lives. 

The sanctuary currently houses approximately 130 donkeys, 20 horses, 8 pigs, 1 ram, 5 dogs and 6 cats.

Blue Moon's mission is to rescue and rehabilitate animals in need and, through those animals, to enhance the emotional well-being of humans.

Their vision is of a place of compassion, connection, and healing for animals and humans.

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