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An exotic stash bag, refresher ‘nip, and 3 catnip joints, for pure kitty nirvana.


Each stash bag is unique: handmade in India from sari fabric, with drawstrings. Comes with a resealable pouch of catnip: rub the joints in the loose catnip to refresh their potency. (Bags are selected randomly for each order, and all are beautifully detailed with embroidery, sequins, or prints.)


Joints contain 100% premium catnip, no fillers, just leaves and buds.


Toss them like little prey and watch your cats play.


Each joint is hand cut and filled, then rolled and stitched in a strong cloth wrapper.


Made in the USA. Rainbow catnip joints make a great gift for your favorite feline.

Stark Raving Cat Three Joint Nirvana Gift Set