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Whiskers Sells Quality Cat Food, Cat Furniture, Toys, Treats, Candles, Litter, and More!

Curbside Service

We do our research and only offer proven products and healthy foods. We offer a nice selection of Freeze Dried cat foods. Steve's Real Food, Northwest Naturals, Steve's Quest, Vital Essentials, Stella & Chewy's

How about top quality Canned Cat Foods? Dave's, Wellness, Wellness Core, Rawz, Tiki Cat After Dark, Weruva

Pick up some yummy, but very healthy Kitty Treats. Vital Essentials, Grandma Lucy's, Raw Rewards

Fandango Cat Trees - the BEST Cat Furniture in Texas!

Sold here! We always have a variety of sizes!

Enzymatic Jar Candles - So Delicious Smelling

Long-lasting and available in dozens of unique scents, the perfect choice for removing unwanted pet, food, and other household odors. Burn time is 70 hours!

We appreciate those who shop local.

Questions? 512-863-2607 or

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