We are heartbroken to learn about the tragic fire that happened recently in our community. Our condolences go out to all of the families affected. We grieve with you, and are deeply sorry for your loss. 


Our goal at Whiskers is to insure each feline guest is safe and happy while in our care. Every cat becomes a part of our family when they stay with us, and safety is a priority in their “home away from home.”


We strive to have the best safety protocols in place:

- Yearly fire inspections


- Fire extinguishers in place and inspected


- Smoke detectors throughout the building


- An alarm system that will notify us in the case of an emergency


- 24/7 camera monitoring


However, in light of the recent tragedy, we are making the following further investments:


1. We have met with a fire safety specialist and will be upgrading our smoke detectors. 


2. We are installing a new fire sprinkler system throughout our facility. 


3. We are optimizing our fire safety and evacuation plans. 


4. We are giving additional training to our staff.


At Whiskers, your feline family member’s happiness, comfort, and, above all, safety, are our highest priorities. We will continue to ensure the highest level of care, security and safety for our guests.  Please reach out to us if you have any questions.