Life Time Care Program


Guaranteed care for your cat, for any reason, including illness, disability or death.

What is the Life Time Care Program?

  • Luxury cats-only living for the remainder of your cat’s healthful life. Lifetime veterinary care and treatment including necessary vet visits and annual physical examinations.

  • Healthy, super premium diets, brush outs, exercise, needed medicines for any ailments that may develop, such as daily insulin injections or fluids for kidney failure.

  • Stimulating feline environment with cat trees, shelves and ramps for climbing, soft beds, music, bird-watching and lots of love of attention. Peace of mind for the cat lover who can no longer care for their precious pet.

How can I assure my cats will get care when I'm gone?

Through thick and thin, your kitty has been there. When your human companion didn’t understand, your Fur Person came through, purring all the way. Whether you were recuperating from a bad day at the office or a hospital stay, Kitty was there to rub against your leg or curl up on your lap.

What if you weren’t there to remember there’s only one kind of food that will do or that naps are best on the newspaper you are currently reading?

Now there is Whisker's Life Time Care Program that will assure your kitty a life of attention and luxury if you can’t be there yourself.

How does Life Time Care work?

After you or your advisors have inspected Whiskers and decided you would like space reserved for your cat in the Life Time Care Program, you will enter into an agreement and provide a non-refundable registration fee of $600. You will then arrange with your family and/or estate planning professionals how Whiskers LifeTime Care Program will be funded.

Your cat then comes to live in the luxury accommodations of the cats-only resort at Whiskers one of a kind facility. Your cat will live out its life in luxury.

How can I be sure care will continue?

You may appoint an Auditor and an Alternate Auditor who will have the right to visit your cat and inspect Whiskers to assure all is well. Either you or your Auditor will have the right to make sure your pet is pampered as agreed.

Can I reclaim my cat?

Absolutely. For example, if you enroll your cat because you are unable to provide proper care, and regain your ability to care for your pet, Whiskers will be sure your cat comes home to you.

Will my cat be adopted?

Whiskers Life Time Care Program is designed to provide a comfortable, luxury retirement for your cat for the remainder of its life.

What is the cost?

Each cat lover who registers with the Life Time Care Program may negotiate their own contract, based on the health and life expectancy of their cat. Contracts may be negotiated for specific cats or for any cat that may be owned at the time of death.


The cost will vary, depending upon the conditions that initiate enrollment. You may enroll your cat if you are unable to properly care for your cat for any reason. Or, your cat’s enrollment may become effective on your death.


To assure the ultimate in luxury for the duration of the cat’s life as well as premium veterinary care, the basic fee is $8,500 per year of the cat’s life expectancy. Whiskers considers the average life expectancy of a cat to be 15 years.

How can I pay?

You can pay for the Life Time Care Program in any manner you choose. You should discuss which funding method is appropriate for you with your personal and trusted financial adviser and/or attorney. It is important to get financial advice from qualified and disinterested parties so that you are assured the advice is competent and unbiased.


Whiskers is prepared to consult with attorneys and accountants as well as individual cat lovers to assure that a funding plan is developed that is equitable, fully disclosed and developed to assure your wishes will be properly executed. 

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